The Article Written by Ms. Beril Eroğlu, Logistics Manager of Nemak İzmir Döküm San. A.Ş.


Founded in 1955 as Cevher Döküm, our company was purchased by Nemak Company in 2016 and named Nemak İzmir Döküm. Our company, which continues its activities at its factory in the Çiğli Organized Industrial Zone, produces engine parts for the leading large OEM companies in the automotive industry. The main products produced are cylinder head, bracket, oil pan, manifold, turbo charging body and pump body. Basic production techniques; gravity casting, high pressure injection casting and low pressure casting, the main customers of our company are large automotive companies such as VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT, RENAULT, FORD, TOYOTA, BMW, NISSAN, AMG, DAIMLER, BOSCH, GM.

Our company, which exports 95%, received an Authorized Economic Operator certificate in January 2020, and took its place among the leading prestigious companies in Turkey.

The most important priority of the ever-changing automotive sector is speed and cost. Our company has gained many advantages with the Authorized Economic Operator certificate received after a long period of work. In particular, the benefits provided in import operations have also provided us with a material advantage.

The internationally valid Authorized Economic Operator certificate has facilitated our import and export operations. There have been great advantages provided to our company by the Authorized Economic Operator certificate in terms of safety and security. The first of these is the right of priority passage provided at border crossings. If there is no carrier that owns the YYS, it is also ensured that controls of the companies are conducted in priority. 

If we list some of the conveniences that we use:



NEMAK İZMİR DÖKÜM SAN. A.Ş./ Logistics Manager