Every Factory Is a Fortress

Dear Readers,

First, I would like to introduce myself; originally I am from Erzincan province, Kemaliye district, Eğin with its former name.

I was born in Istanbul in 1980. I completed primary school at Kazım Karabekir primary school and secondary school and high school at Gürsoy College.

I graduated from Mustafa Kemal University Customs Administration Department in 2001, Anadolu University Business Administration Department in 2008 and Justice Department in 2018.

I have been working as an expert on customs, foreign trade and smuggling in various educational institutions, as a columnist on Customs TV, as well as a forensic expert for ten years.

I continue my career as a customs broker –Consulting Services Department Manager at the leading customs brokerage company in the sector in the professional sense.

Having taken an active role in non-governmental organizations, I was appointed chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of authorized economic operators (AEO) by the members of the General Assembly on 02.01.2020. I am married and father of 1 child.

“Every factory is a fortress” phrase belongs to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey.

His ability to foresee the future has enabled our country to grow rapidly and sit on solid foundations with numerous factories, institutions and organizations that the Republic established in as little as 15 years from the foundation stage.

He created the Republic of Turkey from the post-World War 1 wreckage and the occupied Ottoman Empire where almost 96% of population was illiterate in a short time with a great breakthrough in our country with his innovations in many areas.

During his leadership of the Republic of Turkey, he stayed away from an external dependent policy with institutions, organizations and factories established and planned to develop the country at a level that would meet its needs by itself. Even enterprises purchased from foreigners during this period were also strengthened by the state.

In near past, the Ministry of Trade introduced the certificate to foreign trade experts with the slogan ‘Every Factory is a Customs Administration’ during the launch of the authorized economic operator status in 2013.

In the period from 2013 to May 2020, the number of enterprises that have been certified has exceeded 500. It is gratifying that a nation born from the ashes has delivered the factory torch to the present day without going out.

In this context, as the keepers of this torch lit, the purpose of us who are on the side of the foreign trade expert is;

Bringing together representatives of companies that hold authorized economic operator certificate (AEO),

Contribute to the development of the rights and practices used, prevent costs and time losses caused by foreign trade transactions, ensure the reduction of formalities, and contribute to the process of preparing the relevant legislation easily understandable and applicable.

You can be a member of authorized economic operator association (AEO) through membership procedure in www.yysd.org.tr address and you can act together with us to make recommendations and work in coordination and cooperation with the relevant ministries for the development of the rights and practices used in this context in order to improve the foreign trade of our country.

As we emphasize in our motto, ‘Your powers are our obligations.’

I wish you healthy days


Chairman of the Board of Directors