Article written by Mr. Batuhan Keles, Strategic Planning and Business Development Manager, Sertrans Logistics

Batuhan KELEŞ

Strategic Planning and Business Development Manager

Batuhan Keles who is born in 1992 in Istanbul, completed his high school education at Robert College. Then he studied entrepreneurship and economics at Babson University in 2011.

Batuhan Keleş, who started to work at Sertrans Logistics in 2016, has worked at various levels and positions. He continues his duty as Strategic Planning and Business Development Manager and also a Member of the Executive Board.
Sertrans Logistics has been the reliable solution partner of its national and international customers for 31 years with its value-added logistics services in supply chain management, as well as international partial and multimodal transportation services.

Sertrans Logistics provides high customer satisfaction in its sector; has been created with the principle of accurate - fast - error free - continuous and transparent business that it applies at every stage of the supply chain. Its experienced and expert staff, strong vehicle fleet and equipment equipment, advanced IT technologies and R&D team, offices spread at home and abroad, high-capacity warehouses and warehouses, flexible and innovative logistics services developed specifically for customer needs and With its strong international network spread around the world, Sertrans Logistics is an experienced management expert that provides solutions to its customers' worldwide logistics needs on a global scale.

Proceeding with the goal of being a "global" logistics brand that corporate multinational companies prefer and recommend as a reliable priority, Sertrans has become one of the first Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) in the logistics sector in February 2016. Thanks to this document, it is possible to reduce the costs while providing convenience and speed to the operational processes of the customers.
Since the day it was founded, Sertrans has been attaching great importance to digital transformation-based works and to strengthening the technical infrastructure. R&D Center was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in June 2017. This center has been one of the first R&D centers in the logistics industry.

The company with its R&D center; aims to digitalize its processes, create brand new technological products, and do value-added works independent of the sector. The projects produced here will be the greatest power in creating the Sertrans of the future. Thanks to the Sertrans R&D Center, where innovation and digitalization studies are carried out, customers are offered more competitive power and cost advantages.

Sertrans Logistics will continue to implement the most comprehensive logistics solutions that correspond exactly to these needs in a very fast and error-free manner by always acting with the principle of customer-oriented, solution-oriented approach, knowing the internal dynamics of the sectors it serves, and future logistics needs and expectations.