Teksan Gained Advantage with Authorized Economic Operator Status (AEO)

Teksan Generator Kocaeli Plant Manager

Emrullah Kaymaz who was born in1972 graduated from Konya Selcuk University, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1993, after Dalaman High School. After working in the telecom infrastructure and electricity project sector, he started to work at Teksan Generator in 1997 after his military service, and worked in various levels and positions. As of February 2017, he has been working as Teksan Generator Kocaeli Plant Manager. At the same time, he has been a Member of the Board of Directors of AEO as of January 2019.

Teksan gained advantage with Authorized Economic Operator Status (AEO).

In the product portfolio of Teksan, which has been providing solutions for the energy sector with its continuous development and innovation philosophy for a quarter of a century; Diesel, natural gas, biogas generator sets, lighting towers, portable generators, hybrid power systems, cogeneration and trigeneration solutions are available.

With its strong engineering infrastructure and modern factories, a quarter-century of experience and nearly 700 employees, Teksan develops special products for the company, providing hotels, shopping malls, mass housing, office buildings, supermarket chains, mines, sports centers, hospitals, factories all over the world. provides uninterrupted power to energy facilities, data centers, education and research institutions as well as infrastructure, construction and telecommunication projects. Teksan Generator; It offers high value-added and tailor made solutions to its customers as a reliable solution partner wherever energy is needed.

Teksan, which carries out its production activities in a total area of 60 thousand square meters in Istanbul and Kocaeli factories, has a production capacity of 15 thousand generators per year.

Manufactured to international quality standards, under the most difficult conditions even higher performance and efficiency-powered generator sets to meet the power needs of the diverse range of projects Teksen, 10 regional offices and 25 local dealer with seven days of twenty-four hours of continuous after-sales technical support and maintenance services in Turkey It brings together customers from all over the world. It aims to provide the best solutions to its customers at every stage from production to after-sales services.

Since the first day of its establishment, Teksan has become a leading company that has brought firsts to its sector with the importance it attaches to differentiation and R&D. As of June 2017 "TR Science, Industry and Technology Ministry" by R & D Center is registered as the "Teksan", Turkey is among the companies that invest the most in research and development. In addition, ISO Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises, TIM is listed in the list of Turkey's first 1000 exporter company, which exports to more than 130 countries on six continents.

"Teksan", as a reliable partner in energy solutions sector in Turkey and justify its reputation gained from more than 130 countries; In 2018, the "Authorized Economic Operator Status (AEO)" was strengthened by obtaining the privilege.Regular and traceable registration system, strong financial adequacy, safety and security standards, self-control structure and fulfillment of customs obligations, which are accepted as the prestigious status of reliability and facilitation in international trade and in countries such as the USA, EU Countries, China, Japan, South Korea the widespread Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) has earned the Authorized Economic Operator Status (AEO).
"Accredited Economic Operator Status " Green Line application take the collateral system of approved exporter authorizations through Istanbul and Kocaeli Free Zone we have made in our factory, customs and foreign trade operations of our import and export costs are reduced, Turkey has been benefiting from facilitation controls our entry and exit to the Customs Territory operational efficiency has been achieved. When the production inputs needed by our Kocaeli factory are sent from our Istanbul factory within the framework of the export regime, they are processed in the Green Line without being subjected to the Yellow Line (document control) or the Red Line (physical control of documents and goods) and taken to the production line in a short time, faster and proactively. The engines and alternators, which are in the scope of the Inward Processing Regime, were shipped from our Kocaeli factory via the Green Line, resulting in timely production, cost and efficiency advantages. Customs operation times have been improved by taking advantage of the convenience of goods determination provided in temporary import and temporary export regimes. With the Green Line application in our imports from abroad, the time of customs clearance, which used to take a few days, has been shortened and costs such as demurrage and warehouse have been eliminated. The lump sum guarantee application and giving 10 percent of the customs taxes as collateral has been effective in reducing our company costs financially.

While continuing our activities with the Global brand vision, we will continue to contribute to the strategic vision of our Ministry of Commerce to make Turkey a "Quick and Easy Trade Confidence Gate” in the world and to our country's 2023 goals.