AEOA Rules and Regulation


Article 1 - Title and Headquarters of the Association:

In order to bring together Authorized Economic Operator Certificate organizations operating in the field of foreign trade in Turkey, to provide information exchange, solidarity and coordination among them, to develop suggestions for the development of rights and practices under the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate and to contribute to the development of foreign trade.

Article 2 - Purpose:

The purpose of the association is to bring together the representatives of the companies operating in the field of foreign trade that hold the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate (AEO), in accordance with the relevant provisions within the scope of the Law No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition, to work in coordination and cooperation with the relevant Ministries and to make suggestions in order to develop the Authorized Economic Operator System and the rights and practices used in this context in order to improve the foreign trade of our country. The association does not deal with politics; does not intend to share profit or earnings.

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