About us


About our association;

The authorized economic operator (AEO) certificates was officially established on 31.05.2019 with the number 34-253-069 with the aim of bringing together the representatives of the companies operating in the field of foreign trade and developing the authorized economic operator system and the rights and practices utilized in this context and in order to conduct works and make recommendations in coordination and cooperation with the relevant ministries.

What is AEO?

AEO certificate is an international status document that grants some convenience and privileges in customs transactions to trusted companies who are authorized to fulfill customs obligations, whose registration system is regular and traceable, who have financial competence, safety and security standards, and who can perform their own auto control.

Authorized economic operator status launched by the Ministry of Customs and Trade in 2013, has reached over 500 companies.

AUTHORIZED ECONOMIC OPERATORS (AEO) was founded to bring together organizations granted authorized economic operator certificates in the area of foreign trade in Turkey, to ensure exchange of information, solidarity and coordination between them, to develop recommendations regarding rights and practices performed within the scope of authorized economic operator certificate and to contribute to the development of foreign trade and in this way.