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“Authorized Customs Consultancy Guide” and “Authorized Customs Consultancy Working Guide”, which determine the procedures and principles regarding the implementation of the Authorized Customs Consultancy Communiqué (amended by the Communiqué on Amendments to the Authorized Customs Consultancy Communiqué published in the Official Gazette dated 11/1/2024 and numbered 32426). Circular No. 2024/8, which includes the "Region", was published.

Additions related to YYS are as follows.

9.3.3 Handling Activities Outside the Warehouse

Conditions for Handling Operations Outside the Warehouse:

For handling operations to be carried out outside the warehouse, the company owning the goods must have an Authorized Economic Operator Certificate or meet the following conditions.

Handling Activities to be Performed Individually Outside the Warehouse:

In the handling activities to be carried out in this context, the goods leaving the warehouse must be returned to the warehouse within 3 months. This period may be extended for a period not exceeding 3 months by the Regional Directorate to which the supervisory customs administration is affiliated, if there are justified reasons. In addition, if the handling activity is related to the goods used in the defense industry and aviation sector within the scope of Article 334/4 of the Customs Regulation and the owner of the goods in question has an Authorized Economic Operator Certificate, provided that there are justified grounds, the period of not exceeding 6 months by the Regional Directorate where the handling permit is given in addition to the total period of 6 months. Additional time may be given.

Common Provisions Regarding Handling Activities Outside the Warehouse:

A guarantee equal to the customs duties that may accrue for goods not in free circulation that will be temporarily released from the warehouse for handling is requested from the owner of the goods by the supervisory customs directorate. In this context, the lump sum guarantee given in accordance with the Regulation on the Facilitation of Customs Procedures by the owner of the goods holding the authorized obligor certificate can also be used.

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