The article written by Mehmet Altay YEGİN, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, titled YYS Association continues to serve the sector, was published in the newspaper Nasıl Bir Ekonomi.

The article written by Mehmet Altay YEGİN, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, titled YYS Association continues to serve the sector, was published in the newspaper Nasıl Bir Ekonomi.

As the American writer Tom Robbins said, “Being born and dying was easy. It was life itself that was difficult.” Establishing the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Association was not easy either. Until the association gained legal personality, many difficulties were encountered.

YYS Association was established on 31.05.2019 with five founding members. It was established in order to bring together the institutions holding the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate operating in the field of foreign trade, to provide information exchange, solidarity and coordination among them, to develop suggestions for the development of the rights and practices used within the scope of the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate, and to contribute to the development of foreign trade in this way. However, we soon realized that the difficult thing was not to establish an association, but to manage the established association. Service to the association was provided on a voluntary basis, not for a fee. Everything done from the heart brings success, and success brings happiness to people.

We can list the activities of YYS Association since its establishment in 2019 as follows:

• We organized 13 trainings.
• We participated in 2 TV programs.
• We gave 9 interviews.
• We visited 6 Ministries, 3 Regional Directorates, 5 NGOs and 1 Chamber of Industry.
• We submitted 74 proposals to the ministries and 27 proposals were accepted.
• We published 1 promotional film and 3 printed and digital magazines.
• We organized 5 webinars.
• We participated in 3 Workshops.
• 1 We implemented our own ERP system,
• Member of 1 International Association of Authorized Economic Operators,
• We provided the establishment of the Career Portal, which will bring together job seekers and companies with YYS.
• We became a member of the Trade Facilitation Coordination Committee.
• We have established 5 working commissions within the association.

Our working commissions undertake the most important function that feeds our opinions and suggestions, which are the gears of the wheel in our activities.

Within the body of YYS Association, commissions can be established in the number and subjects determined by the Board of Directors in accordance with the term work program and strategic plan. The Board of Directors can also decide on the formation of new commissions, if necessary, by evaluating the proposals of the members for the establishment of a commission.

At the Commissions Joint Meeting held at the beginning of each term, the working principles and principles of the Commissions, the mission, vision and strategic objectives of each commission are explained, and information is given on how to develop projects that serve the members of the commission.

The purpose of the commissions is to serve the vision and mission of our association by enabling the members to participate more actively in the management of the association and by helping the Board of Directors in the implementation of different activities.

Membership in the commissions is realized by the application of the members who want to voluntarily participate in the commission work as a result of the invitation made by the Board of Directors to all members at the beginning of the activity period. The Board of Directors also writes an invitation letter to the newly joined members to take part in the commissions.

It is taken to the relevant commission by the Board of Directors in line with the needs of the commissions and the preferences of the new member. A chairman and rapporteur are appointed for each commission. When deemed necessary, more than one commission may hold joint meetings. The Chairman of the Commission is primarily responsible for the work of the commission. Commissions are an integral part of management. For this reason, the main projects put forward by the board of directors at the beginning of the term are only taken as a guiding guide by the commissions. Project proposals related to those projects or to be developed by the commissions on their own initiative are evaluated by the Board of Directors.

Working commissions of YYS Association are as follows:

• Logistics Working Commission: Its manager is Nida Karabulut. The Commission pioneers the preparation of opinions and suggestions, especially the continuity of the "permitted sender" authority within the scope of YYS, priority crossing from the border, green line studies in the transit regime.

• Process Development Commission: Its manager is Andaç Özsoy. By codifying all the simplifications within the scope of the certificate, the Commission effectively uses the rights and practices that need to be utilized; It aims to share it with the members and to present improvement suggestions within the existing structure.

• Education Commission: Its manager is Bengü Yılmaz. The Commission aims to program the trainings that the certified companies are obliged to receive, to evaluate the member requests and to provide coordination between the institutions requesting training.

• Legislation Commission: Its manager is Nihat Yılmaz. The Commission strives to follow all customs and foreign trade legislation, especially the legislative changes in the Trade Facilitation Regulation, and publish it to the members in summary form. In addition, the "International Association of Authorized Economic Operators", of which YYS Association is a member, aims to translate weekly and monthly bulletins and share them with the members.

• Legal Commission: Its manager is Attorney Cem Kabdan. It strives to provide free consultancy services for the legal processes related to customs legislation of companies that are certified members of YYS Association. The Commission also informs about the legal processes of the negative effects of the legislative changes on the members of the association, if any.

In our age, the importance of non-governmental organizations is increasing day by day. Within the framework of the "pre-competitive cooperation principle", companies have made significant progress in developing exemplary collaborations as in YYS Association.