Our association continues to meet with non-governmental organizations.

On 09.09.2020; Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) Association and Turkish Industry & Business Association (TÜSIAD) came together.

We would like to thank the TÜSİAD family and participants for the meeting, which took place in a warm and friendly environment where initiatives were made for the creation of joint working areas, meeting, agenda items and future plans, were discussed.

Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) Association participants;

Mehmet Altay YEGİN (Chairman of the Board of Directors), Ömer YÜRÜ (Vice Chairman), Aysun Yılmaz (Secretary General), Nuray Karabıyık (Treasurer member), Emrullah KAYMAZ (member of the Board of Directors)

Turkish Industry & Business Association (TÜSIAD) participants;

Asım Barlın Chairman of the Foreign Trade Working Group, Hale Hatipoğlu Deputy Secretary General for Foreign Relations, Sercan Bahadır MN-ember of the Foreign Trade Working Group, Dilek Aydın Brussels representative, Dilek İştar Ateş Deputy Representative in Brussels, Ayşe Yürekli representative in Berlin, Tamer Şen Director of Global Economic Relations Department, Aslı Başkaracaoğlu Deputy Director of Global Economic Relations Department, Yiğit Başat Şimşek expert in Global Economic Relations Department, Vesile Kulaçoğlu, Eray Akdağ - Borusan group, Barış Demirel - Delloitte, Serda Burak - Eczacıbaşı, Murat Palaoğlu KPMG, Mehmet İlker and Fevzi Toksoy.