Mr. Sami ALTINKAYA, jounalist of the Dünya newspaper, and Mr. Mehmet Altay YEGIN, Chairman of the Board of Directors, conducted a pleasant interview.

Mr. Sami ALTINKAYA, jounalist of the Dünya newspaper, and Mr. Mehmet Altay YEGIN, Chairman of the Board of Directors, conducted a pleasant interview.

Authorized Economic Operator certificate accelerates foreign trade.

Each study will improve our speed in Foreign Trade, Turkey 10 steps ahead of international competition. For this, the Ministry of Commerce is implementing new projects. The transition to the paperless declaration was one of the most important steps in this. With the paperless declaration application on 20 August 2019, the declarations started to be signed electronically and declared to the customs administration. Likewise, in imports, in February and March of this year, customs declarations started to be applied without paper.

The main goal is to simplify customs procedures. The first step of this should be the simplification of the documents. We are talking to Mehmet Altay Yeğin, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Authorized Economic Operators (AEO). operating in the field of foreign trade in Turkey "Accredited Certification Incumbent" Deputy Trade Minister organizations have in recent history that brings together associations visited Reza Turagay Danube. When the aim was more foreign trade and value added exports, the association conveyed its views to the Ministry of Commerce on how to do this faster.

Obtaining AEO certificate increases the speed of companies in foreign trade. AEO President Mehmet Altay Yeğin said, “The real adventure is true from security. The application that started with C-TPAT in the USA was completed with AEO in Europe. While it was aimed at protection from terrorism at that time, it has evolved towards a situation that attracts foreign capital and technology and increases reliability and exports. Remember free zones. Turgut Özal's dream was the manufacturer free zones he saw in the USA. This dream is now in orbit with AEO. With the regulation change made by our Ministry, manufacturers and exporters have been brought to the fore ”. The Approved Status Certificate (OKSB), which is being applied for this, completes the transfer. In 2018, the blue line application for imports was abolished for the first time. In exports, it is seen that OKSB will be replaced by AEO-II. The transition to AEO-II of companies that previously had OKSB will be faster than those who did not.

The advantages of AEO are; It provides the opportunity to be recognized as reliable in international markets, to be preferred as a supplier, to be accepted as authorized liable in countries with mutual recognition agreements, and to benefit from the privileges provided in that country on the basis of reciprocity. In addition, expenses such as unloading, loading, waiting for goods and vehicles are eliminated, further planning, reduced procurement costs and increased cooperation with suppliers. In the case of a AEO certificate, while long customs processing times decrease, the decrease in storage, demurrage and transportation costs of the goods reaches 20 percent.

The preview process goes from 3 to 5 years ...

Rıza Tuna Turagay, deputy minister of AEO board of directors, said, “We have increased your powers, but we are also increasing your responsibilities. We trust you and we have increased the preview process from 3 to 5 years. Of course, increasing the responsibilities later added the scope of control to the regulation. "Although you are a AEO member, it means that an inspector can knock on your door at any time. The extension of this period for at least 2 more years in the commercial and chaotic environment has given the companies breath.