Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors Referring to the 1st Year of the Foundation of our Association

Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors Referring to the 1st Year of the Foundation of our Association

One year two messages

Dear members of our association;

You are, exporter, industrialist and manufacturer foreign trade expert with high foreign trade transaction volume; You saved a project in your agenda in 2013. This project is among the first to do; To simplify the procedures, to find new markets, to be known and reliable abroad, to increase your exports and to reduce your costs, to qualify for the "Authorized Economic Operator" certificate.

This process; The preparation of the application documents started with the preparation of the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 quality certificates and of course the Annex-2 questionnaire filled with the participation of all departments.

While editing the questionnaire, you have reviewed the procedures of the relevant departments and your entire company and brought them to the "Authorized Liability" standards.

You have been awarded the “Authorized Economic Operator Certificate” as a reward for your self-sacrificing and diligent work.

You have brought this prestigious document to your company with the awareness of the responsibilities of auditing, training and violation notifications that receiving the certificate from the regional directorate is not the end, but is actually the beginning of the end.

Once again, I sincerely congratulate you, valuable companies, who have overcome all these processes and become certified.

When we come to today; We celebrate the first year of our association, which was founded on 31.05.2019.

Although we are going through a difficult process for the world and our country, we will continue to work without losing our hope with the strength we receive from you.

Hoping that a bright future awaits us from behind the darkness, we congratulate our association's new age and to our esteemed members; I wish you health, happiness and well-being.

Companies holding "Authorized Economic Operator Certificate";

Our journey, which started with five companies, whose members are only companies holding "Authorized Economic Operator Certificate", and fortunately for us, has reached 501 companies as of today.

The aim of our association is to bring together certified companies in unity and solidarity, based on volunteerism.

Thus, we have become a non-governmental organization that works in coordination with ministries, produces, offers suggestions, and is even recently authorized by ministries to work.

We aim to carry out research and comparisons abroad, to offer suggestions within the system, and to work on improving the current system.

In addition, we aim to ensure that joint works are carried out with other non-governmental organizations to facilitate trade.

Today, we celebrate the first birthday of our association's establishment with great joy and invite you, the valuable companies with certificate, to become a member of our association.

We wish to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the foundation of our association; I wish you health, happiness and well-being.


Mehmet Altay YEGİN

Chairman of the Board